My name is Katherine Aden Emerson, Kari for short.

Welcome to my blog! I hope that you will enjoy reading along with me as I clumsily navigate life as a 20-something in New York City. This will include fashion, friends, food, fun, and frolic. You can also expect to hear about my experiences as a newbie model, my minor make-up obsession, and most importantly, my opinionated and often sarcastic commentary on all the wild, new experiences life is throwing at me. 

At a young age, I began expressing my creativity with whatever method brought me joy at the time– writing, photography, dance, drawing, makeup, painting, cooking, fashion, the list goes on. I began writing in a journal even before I can remember. I have always felt like expressing myself was very important, and that I have always had something to say. 

I have always wanted to share my voice, but never thought I had anything important enough to say, despite how important it felt to me at the time. In high school, I decided that important or not, I wanted to be heard, especially if there was any chance of reaching someone with feelings of empathy, inspiration, humor, comfort, or just entertainment. I started a Tumblr blog called “The Important Things” and soon thereafter added “And The Not-So-Important Things.” I am breathing life back into that blog now, with a similar goal, but maybe a bit more maturity (key word: maybe).

With the new-and-improved “The Important Things,” I want to challenge my readers to ask themselves what the word “important” means to them. Because sometimes the not-so-important things are what keep us going, and the conventional “important” things aren’t what really matter at the end of the day. This word differs for everyone, which is why I find it so fascinating. With this blog, I hope to entertain, teach, inquire, hope, imagine, describe, create and comfort. If I can reach even one person in some of these ways, it will have been worth it.

Let’s connect!

Kari Emerson


New York, NY 10001