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Winter Skincare Part 1: Morning Routine

As the temperatures are dropping and I am bundling up to stay warm (and wearing a face mask most of the day…ugh), my skin has started suffering the consequences. Especially in NYC where the weather changes drastically day-to-day, being prepared with the right must have winter skincare products is super important.

In the winter months specifically, my skin suffers from major dryness (chapped lips, flaky skin, eczema, etc) in addition to my regular struggles with oil and acne. In college, I remember slathering my face with Vaseline before bed to avoid this, but I like to think that as I’ve matured (kind of…), so has my skincare knowledge.

Moisture is obviously the most important remedy to winter skin dryness, but there are so many other important factors that are easy to forget about! So, I’ve decided to share my winter morning and nighttime skin routine with you all, what’s worked best for me, winter skincare tips, and what I’m still experimenting with. With this information, hopefully you’ll be able to more completely build a winter skincare routine for yourself!

Without further adieu, here is Part 1, my morning skincare routine!

Disclaimer: This post contains some (not all) affiliate links, which means that if you choose to take my suggestions and make a purchase, I will make a little money so I can keep up these super cool blog postsThis in no way affects my editorial decisions, which are always genuine recommendations and only products or brands I would purchase myself.

Step 1: Cleanser

I read recently that it is actually not necessary to wash your face RIGHT when you wake up, like I always thought. As we sleep, our skin naturally produces oils that are good for healing, so as long as you’ve cleansed and moisturized the night before, it’s no big deal. I am spoiled, however, and I usually don’t have to leave the apartment for work first thing in the morning. For those who are headed to the office first thing, cleansing right away is fine, as long as you aren’t stripping your skin completely of its natural oils.

Because of this, I like to use a gentle cleanser in the morning (I leave the deep cleansing, exfoliation, etc. for nighttime), because those natural oils your skin has worked hard to produce overnight are important for hydration! Here are a few of the cleansing winter skincare products I’ve been loving recently:

  1. Neutralyze Acne Face Wash ($13): I love this cleanser because it helps fight my acne in a way that isn’t too intense. My skin feels seriously clean after I use this in the morning, but doesn’t feel dry or stripped afterwards. (*gifted through Stack Influence)
  2. Confident Beaute Vitamin Elixir Pre-Cleansing Oil & Daily Vitamin Cleanser Duo ($40): I’m SO glad I collaborated with this brand, because I’ve become totally obsessed with double cleansing. I have naturally oily skin, so I couldn’t fathom washing my face with oil until I tried this brand. But, it is truly great when it comes to winter skincare for oily skin. I like to double cleanse in the morning if I feel like I didn’t do a great job cleansing the night before, or if I was having nightmares and sweating all night (not kidding…it happens). This double cleansing system is SO hydrating, but leaves my skin feeling super clean. I absolutely love their formulas because they feel so luxe, but are made with natural ingredients. (*gifted)
  3. Dr. Brandt pores no moreĀ® Pore Purifying Cleanser ($36): I got this product in my FabFitFun box, and its super gentle for a purifying cleanser. It has little exfoliating beads in it, but it’s so gentle that my skin doesn’t feel stripped or raw afterwards, like with some exfoliating cleansers. This one is great if I know I’ll be putting foundation and makeup on and want to minimize the appearance of my pores!

2. Toner

  1. Confident Beaute Vitamin Infused Hydrating Toner ($19): I absolutely love a spray toner, especially if it’s a particularly lazy morning. I love that you can see the natural rose petals in this formula, and it is sooo hydrating! I like to gently pat my face after spraying this to help my skin absorb it. (*gifted)
  2. Farmacy Deep Sweep 2% BHA Pore Cleaning Toner ($28): Yes, the Farmacy obsession continues. I love this toner when I’m feeling like a need deeper pore cleansing. It’s powerful but very gentle and hydrating.
  3. Good Molecules Niacinamide Brightening Toner ($14): This is my favorite toner to use when I’m going to a modeling gig or out with friends, and it helps brighten my skin. Niacinamide is one of my new favorite skincare ingredients, as it also helps with evening skin-tone, especially for those struggling with things like acne or pigmentation issues.

3. Serum

If you’ve been keeping up with my beauty posts, you know that I have a bit of a serum obsession (my medicine cabinet is bursting). But there are sooo many formulas on the market, all with different benefits, so having a collection is necessary…right? šŸ˜‰

Here are the serums that I’ve been loooving lately:

  1. Good Molecules Discoloration Correcting Serum ($12): This serum is so light and soothing, and that $12 price tag is something I can definitely get on board with. For me, I love this product because it helps even out any acne scars or pigmentation issues I’ve been having. (*gifted)
  2. Avya Anti-Aging Power Serum with Vitamin C ($95): This serum has a pretty hefty price tag, so I was lucky enough to test this out for free for this brand, because it’s seriously awesome. Vitamin C is such an important addition to any skincare routine because it has brightening, clarifying effects. I use this almost every day before moisturizer and makeup! (*gifted)

4. Moisturizer

Because of the dry weather in NYC, I’ve been seriously loading on the moisturizer lately. Be careful, because it actually is possible to overuse moisturizer, but this is by far the most important step in my routine, especially in the winter!

Here are the moisturizers I can’t get enough of right now:

  1. It Cosmetics Confidence In A Cream Anti-Aging Moisturizer ($49): I will admit, I was a little skeptical of this moisturizer at first, because it made my skin feel a bit oily in the summer seasons. But since its gotten colder and dryer, I can’t stop using this one! I like to layer it on especially after doing a clay mask (which tend to dry off your skin) or after exfoliating or dermaplaning.
  2. Good Molecules Silicone-Free Priming Moisturizer ($14): I’ve just recently discovered the importance of primer when applying makeup, but sometimes applying both moisturizer and primer before makeup can feel like a lot. I was so happy to have been gifted this product by Good Molecules because it’s primer and moisturizer in one! It’s so hydrating and feels really light on my skin, even after applying makeup. (*gifted)

5. Eye Cream

I’m relatively new to the world of eye cream. I never thought I needed it because I wasn’t seeing wrinkles yet (knock on wood), but it’s never too early to start! Plus, there are so many products available that help with dark circles and puffiness, which is a consistent problem for me (even though I get more than enough sleep…hmmm).

  1. Farmacy Cheer Up Brightening Vitamin C Eye Cream ($45): I love using this cream before applying makeup because it is so moisturizing and doesn’t feel heavy at all. Farmacy Beauty never disappoints!
  2. Good Molecules Caffeine Energizing Hydrogel Eye Patches ($18): These eye patches are sooo moisturizing, and I like the hydrogel much better than any other form of patches that I’ve tried. These are my absolute favorite for the morning, especially if I’m feeling dry and don’t want my makeup to crease under my eyes!

Thanks for reading, friends! Shop the products in this post below, and let me know which ones you love!! Stay tuned for Part 2, my nighttime winter skincare routine, coming soon! Also, please help me share my work by sharing this post with friends and family on social media!

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Dr. Brandt pores no moreĀ® Pore Purifying Cleanser

Farmacy Deep Sweep 2% BHA Pore Cleaning Toner

Good Molecules Niacinamide Brightening Toner

Good Molecules Discoloration Correcting Serum

Avya Anti-Aging Power Serum with Vitamin C

It Cosmetics Confidence In A Cream Anti-Aging Moisturizer

Good Molecules Silicone-Free Priming Moisturizer

Farmacy Cheer Up Brightening Vitamin C Eye Cream

Good Molecules Caffeine Energizing Hydrogel Eye Patches

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