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Bra Fit 101: What Bra You Should Be Wearing

I have been working in the lingerie industry (or “intimate apparel,” if you want to get technical) for over three years now. I’ve worked both on the business side of things, and on the modeling side, specifically relating to fit, so it is a topic very close to my heart–literally! (No more lame jokes, I promise.)

I have had an absolutely amazing time working in this industry. It feels so great to help people find their correct fit–and it’s fun! I will always have fond memories of hauling a 10-pound box of bras on the train to Rhode Island and fitting all of my aunts and cousins a few summers ago. So…if you catch me staring, I’m not checking you out, I’m probably trying to guess what bra you’re wearing.

ANYWAY. There are SO many things that go into the design of a bra to create a particular fit for specific body types. Without getting way too technical and boring about it, I’m here to share a few different styles of bras with you all. I’m going to use the brand Lively in my examples, because I absolutely love what they stand for, and how their products fit! (Also, I’m a Lively ambassador TBH, so use my code…casual plug.)

So, if you’ve ever asked the question, “what bra should I wear with this outfit,” this post is for you!!

I’ve decided to make Bra Fit 101 a series, and split this topic into multiple posts, since there is so much important information!

Disclaimer: This post contains a few (not all) affiliate links, which means that if you choose to take my suggestions and make a purchase, I will make a little money so I can keep up these super cool blog postsThis in no way affects my editorial decisions, which are always genuine recommendations and only products or brands I would purchase myself.

As a Lively ambassador, I can offer you all my discount code AMB-theimportant.things to use at check-out!!

Let’s start off with how to find your CORRECT bra size! It’s no secret that MOST women are in the wrong bra size…and it’s been that way for years. Finding your correct size is super easy, and it can really make all the difference. All you need is a soft tape measure to figure it out. Here is Lively’s bra fit guide:

Image from

Some clarifying notes:

  • “Band” level is right under your breasts and around your back (be sure to keep this level and don’t let the tape measure fall down or droop). Don’t pull the tape measure too tight…it should be measuring the relaxed size around your “under bust.”
  • The “fullest” part of your bust is the part that is the furthest away from your body (during fit sessions, we call this the Apex). Again, make sure you aren’t smashing yourself by pulling the tape measure tight…it should be a relaxed measure.


Image from
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Kari’s thoughts: Lively’s bralettes are my absolute favorite. They are SO comfortable, but don’t slack on support, like MANY other brands do when it comes to bralettes.

The other thing that I love about Lively‘s bralette options is that they have specific sizes for busty gals! So, if you’re over a 34D like me, have no fear.

Wear this style with: sweatshirts, loose tops, PJs, lounging at home!

Find your size:

Image from

T-Shirt Bra

Image from

Kari’s thoughts: T-shirt bras are so great because they are made specifically to be “no-show” under a smooth t-shirt. They are especially great for larger cup sizes that need just a little more coverage without a bulky padded cup!

Wear this style with: t-shirts, racerback tops (with the J-hook closure), tank tops, dresses

(PS. A J-hook is the hook on the back of some bras that turn it into a racerback! The reason it’s called a J-hook is because the hook that wraps around the circle hardware is shaped like a J.)

Push-Up Bra

Image from

Kari’s thoughts: When wearing something with an lower neckline, push-up bras are perfect for a sexy look, exposing a little more clevage. Fit is SO important for this style because not only do these bras lift vertically, but they also shift your breasts to the center (usually with a side wing or side padding). The underwire is especially important for support in this style, so be sure to double check your sizing! If you’re wearing the wrong size, you’ll see either overflow (at the top of the cup or on the side near your armpits) or gapping/empty space in your cup.

Wear this style with: V-neck tops, tank tops, dresses, scoop-neck tops

No-Wire Bra

Image from

Kari’s thoughts: These wire-free bras are true engineering genius. Not only do you get the comfort of no underwire (no poking, stiffness, etc.) but the support is almost just as good. You’re going to want to be SUPER sure that you’re in the right size with this one, or the bra isn’t going to do its job correctly.

Wear this style with: t-shirts, tank tops, dresses, V-necks

Here are a couple of outfits that I’ve shared with you all on Instagram recently, with a few options of what style bra to wear with that type of outfit! (Also, if you end up buying anything from Lively, be sure to use my code AMB-theimportant.things for a discount!

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If none of these styles are catching your eye, here are a few more places to shop:

Many brands have their own fit charts or “find my size” tools, so be sure to check that out when shopping.

This post was just a brief overview of a few main styles of bras, but there is much more where that came from! If you liked this post, but still have question about bra fit, styles of bras, or anything else about lingerie, please let me know!! Feel free to email me at, and don’t forget to subscribe with your email address below to be notified of new blog posts!

Look out for the next Bra Fit 101 post, coming soon!

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  1. I love this, so much helpful information. The lively bras sounds like something I would find comfortable. I love a bra that doesn’t feel like I have one on. Enjoyed this reading!

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    1. Thank you for reading, Setitra! Let me know if you try out the Lively bra–it really is SO comfortable. And for one that feels like you don’t have one on, the wire-free styles are great too! Thanks for the comment 🙂

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