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Modeling Post-Quarantine

The world is slowly coming back to life, recovering from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. NYC restaurants are open for outdoor dining, and the city has turned into a playground of mask-wearing residents, desperate for any kind of human interaction/socialization. Businesses and offices, however, still seem to be all on different pages. I have some friends who are working from home indefinitely, and others who have been back in the office full-time for months now. It seems to be up to each office whether or not they are welcoming workers back, limiting them to alternate days in the office, etc. (Don’t quote me on that, it’s hard to keep up with the constantly-changing rules…what are we on now, Phase 45?)

(Also, just a quick shout out to all the AMAZING teachers out there, adapting to teaching in these circumstances!!)

Anyway, I’ve finally started to book in-person modeling gigs and go-sees/castings! (Click here to read about my virtual modeling experience during the quarantine.) I didn’t realize how much I missed the modeling world until I was back. As I said in my Virtual Modeling post, the fashion industry peeps are working their asses off to catch up on the work they couldn’t do while in quarantine. So, for the past couple of weeks, I’ve been booking fit modeling gigs weekly (at least) and also going on go-sees! It’s good to be back, baby.

While the fashion industry is working in turbo-speed, things are still not 100% back to normal. Other than everyone having to wear masks, there are only a few people allowed in a room at a time (so Zoom calls are still a thing, even if the team is in the building a couple doors down), doormen frequently take your temperature when entering a building, the list goes on.

Last week alone, I’ve had two experiences that were funny/strange enough that I just had to write about them. To me, it feels completely normal, but I’ve been modeling for three years.

The first experience was similar to the Zoom calls I described in my Virtual Modeling post, but the screen with my boobs on it was 10 times bigger… I know, scary stuff. While I was in the office with one of the fit technicians, the rest of the team was working remotely. The camera was on top of the TV screen, which was hanging from the ceiling. I ended up having to climb onto a step-ladder so that the camera was eye-level…with my boobs.

In the world of fit, being detail oriented is vital. So when it comes to virtual meetings, a clear picture at the right angle is super important. Presumably, they didn’t want me to have to do this again and risk being sued when my clumsy ass falls off the ladder, so we will see what kind of set up they have next time!

The second experience was at a go-see for a huge lingerie company (I ended up booking this one…YAY!). This office building was easily the strictest I have experienced when it comes to COVID-19 precautions. Right away, the doorman asks who you are there to see, lets you into the building, but asks you to stand by the door, facing a tablet screen. The screen takes your temperature (technology I guess…WTF?) and you are then allowed to approach the doorman’s desk, where he takes a photo of your ID. Once I was up in the office, I could tell that everyone in the office was taking major precautions, and was also very concerned about me being comfortable, which was appreciated. They disinfected anything before handing it to me, and even disinfected the tape measure before doing my measurements.

Anyway, here comes the funny part. The main part of a go-see is trying on a few garments for the designers to evaluate how they fit on your body. So, I’m standing there in a bra (a completely see-through one, might I add), with 4 or 5 people staring at me. However, in between us was a human-sized plastic shield in the shape of a box. I was essentially standing in a plastic box, on display…in underwear. I toooootally get it for safety reasons, but it felt so funny standing there in front of them as they peered through the plastic at me. Honestly, I felt like a puppy in a pet store (“who is that doggyy in the windoowww”), asking to be adopted. Except, you know…not as cute. Maybe one day.

Dog Licks Sliding Glass Door - YouTube

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  1. I bet that was so awkward feeling to be standing “inside your box”! But this is so interesting! Just another tiny piece of life that I learned about today. Thanks for sharing!

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