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The August Amazon Haul

LANKIZ Eyelash Extensions ($10)

If you’re a reader of this blog, you’ve seen these on my recent At-Home Beauty post about eyelash extensions! I really love this brand, especially after trying a few that were pretty stiff and uncomfortable. These are a great, cheap option if you are going to try individual lash extensions at home! They are soft and comfortable, and best of all, they come with 12 different sizes of lashes. Using the different sizes helps create a really natural look, and I have been absolutely loving it. Would definitely recommend!! If you are trying extensions at home for the very first time, I would recommend starting with clusters of lashes like these, instead of individuals, as they can be a little bit trickier. However, I figured it out, so you probably can too, LOL! If you’re interested, check out my post, where you can also watch a quick how-to video!

JOMARTO Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber Face Spatula ($20)

Okay, I know that I am constantly talking about new beauty products and tools that I’m obsessed with…but I am SERIOUSLY obsessed this time. I don’t know why or how I went so long without this tool. It is one of the closest ways you will get to doing a professional facial at home, and it works wonders. It literally scrapes all the gunk out of your pores and leaves skin soft, clear and poreless. I couldn’t believe the results. Stay tuned for a full Beauty Tool Spotlight post on this!!

Prextex Christmas 100 Clear White ($11)

My roommate and I have been dealing with a very dark corner of our apartment (with no room for a lamp since we got our new couch). Since we rent, we couldn’t do an overhead lamp or wall lamp, so we began thinking about alternatives. These Christmas lights were exactly what we needed! Not only do they light the entire corner, but they are SO cute. It adds a little touch of sparkle to the room and creates a great ambiance. One word of caution: I ordered 1 box of these, thinking that 100 lights sounded like a lot, and didn’t read the length. We ended up ordering another box in order to extend around the back wall and hang down to the floor. If you’re interested in some more easy, cute tips on decorating your apartment, check out my NYC Apartment Essentials post!

Mystiqueshapes Silicone Cosmetics Applicator ($7)

When will I stop ordering seemingly unnecessary beauty products and tools on Amazon? Never. I have a HUGE collection of skincare products (check them out here), some of them very expensive, and I always think about how much of the product is being wasted when I use my hands to apply the product. I wanted something that would maximize absorption on my face, so I decided to hop on the silicone applicator train. These are a really cheap option, so the quality isn’t great. However, they work just fine, and I can sleep well at night knowing I’m not wasting my life savings on beauty products that will end up down the drain 😉

Aneaseit Double Sided Carpet Tape ($8)

We recently redecorated our bathroom in our apartment (check out my roommate Whitney’s blog post on this transformation here), which included replacing the old, gross bathmats. We got a nice white, fluffy bath mat that we love, but it was slipping and sliding all over the tile floor! Instead of purchasing a non-slip mat to put under the bath mat, we decided to try out this tape. It works SO WELL. Our bath mat literally does not move. It’s been a couple weeks now, and the carpet hasn’t budged. One thing I am worrying about is when we want to do a deep clean of the bathroom floor. But the roll comes with plenty of tape, and the application is so easy that replacing the tape when needed is no biggie. I love that it comes with a cutter and a safety tool for cutting the tape. The whole process only took about 5 minutes! Definitely recommend for small area carpets.

LYLYFAN Portable USB Humidifier ($15)

I had a large, pretty ugly humidifier for a couple of years. I used it every night, so I had to clean it out pretty often, and it was a bitch to clean, TBH. So I decided to pull the trigger and throw this one away (does anyone else feel weirdly satisfied throwing things you’ve had for years in the trash?) and replace it.

I went through a serious roller coaster of emotions with this thing. Upon receiving it, I was hesitant because it was so small. However, after using for about 2 nights, I found that it worked just fine and the mist stream was pretty powerful. I also loved the soft red night light.

Unfortunately, after that, it all went downhill. Not only did this humidifier stop working suddenly an hour after turning it on every night, but it started to smell musty almost right away. Cleaning it every day did nothing about the smell, and it continued to shut off randomly. After I noticed water spots popping up on my table around the humidifier, I finally decided to call it. Luckily, Amazon allowed me to get a refund for returning this. I ordered another replacement (along with some essential oils!), so look out for that in my September Amazon Haul!

ESR7GEARS Makeup Mirror with Lights ($30)

For years, I’ve had a basic, small two-sided mirror. As I’ve begun to do more beauty treatments myself at home (check out my At-Home Beauty posts here), I’ve been using my roommate’s large magnifying mirror with LED lights for precision. I decided that I needed one of my own so I can record my embarrassing beauty videos in my room and stop raiding hers. This mirror is larger than my current one, and the light on it is SO bright! My only qualm with this mirror is that the magnifying mirror is super small. However, the light is SO great for precise beauty treatments like dermaplaning and other hair removal. (Read my post about dermaplane here, and then check out this great option for permanent hair removal: Silk’n Flash&Go At Home Permanent Hair Removal…psssst, they’re having a HUGE sale!)

BUVE Non-slip Cuticle Trimmer ($6)

How freaking cute are these?! If you’ve read my At-Home Beauty: Nails post, you know that I’m obsessed with cuticle care. I replace my cuticle cutter every year or so (or sooner, depending on how quickly it dulls) and it was time! I loved my old Revlon cutters, but unfortunately the spring in the middle broke off (probably from CONSTANT use). I’m thinking these ones will be less likely to break since there are two springs! I love the non-slip grip on these, and the pink is just another cute touch (since they are laying around on my counter or bedside table all the time). They are super sharp and work really well for such a cheap price.

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