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At-Home Beauty: Eyelash Extensions

Because of my love of Do-It-Yourself projects, I’ve always enjoyed experimenting with different at-home beauty treatments that normally require an expensive visit to the salon. Plus, if there’s an opportunity for me to save a couple dollars, I’m always down. Many of these treatments definitely have a learning curve and take some practice. But, if I was able to teach myself these DIY treatments, you can too! Here is everything you need to know to get started, and some purchase options to bring the glam squad right to you at home! 

Eyelash Extensions

I have naturally blonde eyelashes, but I have always loved the look of dark, thick lashes. I had professionally-done eyelash extensions for a year or so, and I absolutely loved them. But, they are very high maintenance and very expensive. Since then, I’ve tried serums, tinting, and magnetic false lashes in an attempt to get the same full-lash look without breaking the bank. I finally decided to take a stab at doing my own individual lash extensions, and the results were incredible!

It definitely takes patience and a steady hand, but if you’re willing to try, I would definitely recommend it. The extensions take a little getting used to, but I love the quality and softness of these lashes that I recently got on Amazon.

Here’s what you’ll need to do your eyelash extensions for cheap, and from the comfort of your home!

  • Individual false lashes (try these or these)
  • Tweezers
  • Clear lash adhesive (try this one)
  • Tinfoil (or parchment paper works, too)
  • Magnifying mirror
  • Lash adhesive remover (like this)

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Clean your eyes to remove any makeup, dirt, or oil.
  2. Pour a small amount of the adhesive onto a scrap of tinfoil.
  3. With the tweezers, select 1-3 lashes at a time and dip the ends into the adhesive (there shouldn’t be more than a tiny drop of adhesive on the ends).
  4. Pull the skin above your eye taught so that your lash line is turned upwards.
  5. Place the lashes (the end with the adhesive) on or between your natural lashes towards the base, wiggling them down towards your eyelid, but not touching your skin.
  6. Hold the lashes here for a few seconds and then let go of the lashes.
  7. Use the tweezers to poke or comb the lashes into the desired angle/position.
  8. Gently fan your eye to let the adhesive dry for a few seconds (don’t close your eyes, or the adhesive may stick to your lower lashes–if you are concerned about this, you can get some eye pads like this to stick on top of your lower lashes to protect them).
  9. Continue these steps until you achieve your desired look. Use a smaller size on the inside of your lashes and move on to larger sizes as you work your way to the outer corner of your eye.

And that’s it! Take your time to focus on precise placement of the lashes, and keep the adhesive from getting too close to your eye, as this can cause serious irritation. The lashes will likely last for up to 2 weeks before you start to notice a gap between your lashes and the eyelid. Carefully use the adhesive remover to take off your lashes.

Final results!

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