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The Awkward, Single Girl’s Guide to Flirting in Quarantine

If you know me, you know that I have practically no game when it comes to talking to guys. I’m awkward, I have word-vomit, I’m a dork, the list goes on. Add six feet of social distance, and it seems pretty impossible to talk to boys. For me, at least (awkward side smile). 

Anyway, I have some ground-breaking news that my bestie, Whitney, and I discovered while in Nantucket recently. We then tested the method out in NYC last weekend, and we have had a 100% success rate. 

I listen to the Call Her Daddy podcast like it’s my job, and one thing that I can say is that some of Alex’s methods of picking up guys are a little unrealistic. She’s beautiful, famous, and cool. So, here I am: mildly attractive, not famous, and awkward, with a TANGIBLE “flirting” technique for all you awkward gals (or guys!) out there.

Let’s set the scene.

You’re at a restaurant or bar with your girlfriends knocking back vodka sodas. You’re pretending to eat the basket of fries that you were required to order because of the food-with-alcohol rule. There is a cute table of boys there, too, but there is one problem. They are six feet (or more) away from you…regulated by law. In normal life, I would probably just find some excuse to go up and talk to them, but that’s not really doable right now without getting chastised by the staff. 

So here’s the answer: UTILIZE THE WAITSTAFF.

If your waiter or waitress is cool and down for the cause, even better. But even if they aren’t, the steps are simple: explain the predicament, and see how they can help. 

In Nantucket, our super-cool waitress was the MVP in this situation. We devised a plan, and she really pulled through. She went to the table of boys and told them we thought they were cute. I know, are we in middle school? But guess what? It worked.

She returned very quickly with shots that the table had bought for us and a phone number. After an awkward, socially-distant wave, we proceeded to text the phone number, telling them that we had ordered another shot for one of them and had an open chair at the table. Within minutes, one of the boys came over to the table (with a mask…don’t worry) and took the shot with us! We got to talking to him and he loved the “pickup” method (and our outstandingly unique and hilarious personalities…) so much that he invited us to the party they were having that night.

I know, it seems so easy and weird, but it worked! It’s the Quarantine version of sending someone a drink at the bar. A time-old tradition that, in my opinion, doesn’t happen often enough. 

So there you have it, ladies (and gents). Go out there and get your flirt on with your mask on!

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