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FabFitFun Summer ’20 Box

In order to make myself feel better about my online shopping addiction, and to share my very important opinions with you all, I’m starting ‘The Haul’ series! Whether it’s a giant box of Sephora, art supplies from Michael’s, overpriced clothes I have no right to buy, or a huge order of random crap from Amazon, I’m here to share and to hopefully provide some helpful advice and suggestions! 

Whitney (my roommate) and I decided to split our FabFitFun subscription (since we share everything anyway) and we were both amazed by the quality of these products for the price! It’s a seasonal subscription box ($50, 4 times a year) with beauty, wellness, fashion, and fitness products (worth $200+ in retail value…for real). It’s so fun to be surprised every time the box comes (lots of screaming is involved), and we are always impressed by what we get. Read more about how FabFitFun works here. FFF also has an online community that is so much fun to be a part of.

This was our first FFF Summer box, and we were so excited to open it up! We got all beauty products this time around, which I’m certainly not upset about, but hoping to get a few more lifestyle products or maybe some accessories next time! 

Here is a breakdown and review of our Summer FabFitFun box contents. Video coming soon 🙂

1. Zoe Ayla® Ice Roller  $30.00

We were a little skeptical about this product at first (mostly because we already have so many facial rollers and similar products, but after continued (almost daily) use, I LOVE it. We keep it in the freezer, and I usually use it in the morning after washing my face and applying serum and/or moisturizer. It has almost an instant depuffing effect, and it feels so nice and refreshing. It’s a great way to wake up in the morning and invigorate your skin for the day! Totally would recommend this, especially for the price.

2. Lashes MD Eyelash Conditioner  $70.00

I wasn’t sure about how often I’d use this because I use lash serum at night already, but I’ve been applying this during the day after washing my face in the morning. To be honest, I haven’t noticed much of a difference in my lashes. Maybe in time!

3. COOLA® Mineral Face Organic Matte Finish Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30  $36.00

Since I have oily skin, I’m very particular about my sunscreen. This lotion goes on SUPER matte and protected my skin, even after jumping in the water! It is so matte that it can make the skin feel a bit dry, so I would suggest applying this after a lightweight moisturizer. Otherwise, this is an awesome option for anyone looking for full sun protection without that pesky T-zone shine. COOLA is a bit pricey, but will probably be worth this price because the bottle is a decent size and the formula is so concentrated.

4. Riddle™ Oil Original Roll On  $50.00

Not so sure about this fragrance. I love a good roll-on scent, but this one is a little musky smelling, almost like a men’s cologne. 

5. HydroPeptide® Moisture Reset Face Oil  $120.00

So, I don’t think I would ever spend $120 on a serum, especially since I have sooo many already (post coming on that, soon)! BUT. This serum is pretty awesome. I love using this serum with my Gua Sha and/or facial roller for a nice face/jaw massage. I’ve used this before bed a bunch of times, and woke up with skin that was totally hydrated, yet not too oily! 

6. The Lyfestyle Co Beach Mist After Sun Spray  $42.00

This was so exciting to receive because I all-too-frequently get sunburned, especially on my chest and face. I’ve used it a few times after returning from a day in the park or on the beach. I didn’t notice a huge difference in the look of my skin, but it felt really cooling and refreshing going on after-sun skin. It’s a nice addition to moisturizer after you’ve spent maybe just a little too much time in the sun! 

7. MakeupDrop Hybrid Makeup Applicator  $20.00

I frequently use makeup sponges to apply my concealer, so I was excited to receive this hybrid sponge! I’ve read a lot about the silicone pad applicators, and I’ve always been curious. However, the part of this applicator that I love is the sponge, not the silicone pad. It’s so condensed (unlike my lightweight Sephora sponge) that it blends product into your skin almost instantly. The silicone pad was not as impressive, but the tiny corner of the sponge is useful under the eyes. 

8. Murad Essential-C® Cleanser  $40.00

I am 1 million percent obsessed with this cleanser. It smells soooo citrusy and fresh, which is a great choice for summer. After washing my face morning and night with this cleanser, I’ve woken up the following day with bright, smooth skin. I really think this cleanser does its job, and the bottle is ginormous, so I’ll probably be buying another bottle once this runs out!!

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