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FabFitFun Spring ’20 Box

In order to make myself feel better about my online shopping addiction, and to share my very important opinions with you all, I’m starting ‘The Haul’ series! Whether it’s a giant box of Sephora, art supplies from Michael’s, overpriced clothes I have no right to buy, or a huge order of random crap from Amazon, I’m here to share and to hopefully provide some helpful advice and suggestions! 

This was my first experience with FabFitFun, and I am in love. (And yes, if you were wondering, I was probably convinced to get it by all the ex-Bachelor contestants constantly pushing it on Instagram.)

Whitney (my roommate) and I decided to split it (since we share everything anyway) and we were both amazed by the quality of these products for the price! It’s a seasonal subscription box ($50, 4 times a year) with beauty, wellness, fashion, and fitness products (worth $200+ in retail value…for real). It’s so fun to be surprised every time the box comes (lots of screaming is involved), and we are always impressed by what we get. Read more about how FabFitFun works here.

For the short version (and some laughs), watch this video:

For the long version, here is a breakdown of each product we received in our Spring 2020 box:

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1. DONNI. Ribbed Sweater Coat  $99.00

I was excited to get some clothes in this box, but I was a little disappointed with the fit of this cardigan. Especially for almost $100, no piece of clothing should be “regular” size-fits-all. The description says “Regular fits 0-16,” which is a little crazy to me. I would wear this around the house, but probably not out and about because the fit is wonky.

2. Aria Beauty Luxe Detangling Electroplated Brush  $35.00

I’ve been wanting a new paddle brush, so I was really happy to get this in the box! It detangles like crazy and feels really nice, like a scalp massage! Also, loooove the rose gold color.

3. Amber Sceats™ Double Coin Necklace  $50.00

This was probably one of our favorite items in the Spring box. I’m not one to spend a ton of money on jewelry (unless it’s special for some reason), and I feel like I wouldn’t purchase this for $50 if I saw it in a store. However, after wearing it a few times, we are totally loving it. It’s super shiny and looks expensive, but it’s lightweight and goes with almost everything for Spring and Summer!

4.  Winky Lux Rainbow Lip Balm  $18.00

These PH-based lip balms are pretty cool. This one comes up SUPER pigmented and pink on me, so I’ve only been wearing it on the weekends. 

5. Lavido Nurturing Hand Cream in Musk, Coconut & Shea Butter  $14.00

This was a great addition to the Spring box because we are both washing our hands so much these days! This cream is super thick and moisturizing and smells nice and fresh.

6. Whish® Beauty Exfoliating Foot Mask  $32.00

I definitely noticed that my feet were softer after using this, but I think it’s probably a product that takes a few applications to make a huge difference. I’m not going to lie, it doesn’t smell great. But, since sandal season is upon us, I think I’m going to give this another shot.

7. CALPAK Set of 3 Packing Cubes in Sorbet  $40.00

I’ve seen these on other blogs and on Instagram, so I was super excited that we got these in our box! I used these to pack for my trip to Rhode Island a couple weeks ago, and they not only helped save space and keep my suitcase organized, but it made packing and unpacking sooo much easier. The adorable sorbet color is perfect for Spring and Summer!

8. Moroccan Gold Series Leave-In Mask  $39.00

Argan oil and keratin? Sign me up! We love this leave-in mask. It smells sooo good, and leaves hair super soft and smooth. This is the awesome product that I didn’t even know I needed.

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