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The June Amazon Haul

In order to make myself feel better about my online shopping addiction, and to share my very important opinions with you all, I’m starting ‘The Haul’ series! Whether it’s a giant box of Sephora, art supplies from Michael’s, overpriced clothes I have no right to buy, or a huge order of random crap from Amazon, I’m here to share and to hopefully provide some helpful advice and suggestions! 

SO. Here are some of the things that I’ve ordered on Amazon in the past month or so…

grandelash, lash serum, grandelash serum, serum, beauty, makeup, sephora, eyelashes

Grande Cosmetics GrandeLASH-MD Lash Enhancing Serum: ($65) After being spoiled with permanent eyelash extensions a couple years ago (and ever since getting them off, in constant search of a cheaper method), I finally decided to try a serum. My aunt recommended this one (at the recommendation of my cousin, who is an esthetician) and showed me her insane results after a couple of months. Her lashes were darker, thicker, and longer than I’d ever seen them before! I think I ordered this product the very next day. I checked the Amazon reviews after I ordered to see if there were any other good before/after photos in the reviews. I was surprised to find a few negative reviews about the product being “fake” (I’m not really sure what that means) and painful. I had one unfortunate day where I accidentally rubbed my eyes aggressively after applying this (the instructions caution you to get this nowhere near your eyes, but to apply above the lash line…this is probably why…oops) and I had puffy, red, painful eyes the next day in addition to a blinding headache. Luckily, this hasn’t happened since the one time, and I’m much more careful now! Starting to see a bit of a difference in my lashes becoming thicker and darker, which is awesome. I will warn you guys about one thing, which I also confirmed has happened to others in the reviews. The skin under my eyes and my eyelids are noticeably darker than before I began using it. The skin is dull and a little brown, which is unfortunate. I guess this is one downside, but I’ve decided it’s worth it in the meantime until I notice a difference in my lashes. I will do a full, separate post in a couple of months with before and after pics to give a full review!

sunglasses, mirrored sunglasses, mirrored lenses

SOJOS Small Square Polarized Sunglasses: ($14)

I am totally obsessed with these glasses! I’ve been wanting sunglasses with mirrored lenses for a while, but I have also recently learned that I’m not responsible enough to own expensive sunglasses. SO, I got these super cheap ones on Amazon. Honestly, the sun-blocking power of these sunglasses is better than my Ray-Bans (that I recently broke…ugh). I got a lot of compliments when I wore these, and would definitely recommend!! 

face mask, facemask, bandana, bandanas

Bycc Bynn 3 Pack 100% Cotton Paisley Pattern Bandanas: ($7)

Very cute alternative to face masks, folded in half diagonally and tied under the hair. Black and white were must-have basic colors, and the maroon color is a cute option as well! The only downside to these is that they wrinkle very easily, so try to store them flat and folded!

beautural steamer, steamer, clothing steamer, beautural

BEAUTURAL Steamer: ($35)

Freshly pressed or steamed clothes can make ALL the difference. Trust me. Wrinkly clothes aren’t a good look for anyone. Freshly steamed clothes not only look more expensive and newer but give you an all-around more put-together look. I had a super cheap, weak steamer for the longest time, and finally decided that it was time to get a new one. This steamer is not only powerful and quick, but it’s so easy to use, doesn’t leak at all, and can be used on hanging clothes or flat on an ironing board! I love the replaceable heads with a lint remover, fabric brush, and even one for pressed pleats/folds! This steamer worked wonders and is totally worth the price. I tried it out with a variety of fabrics (synthetic/cotton, denim, and linen) and it worked with them all! The only complaint I have with this is that if you use the fabric brush (the bottom replaceable head in the picture) on a flat surface, the bristles get pushed down and don’t stand up straight anymore.

Here’s a dorky video I made, testing it out on different fabrics:

MURMAZ iPhone XR case: ($13)

I’ve always loved reflective iPhone cases because it’s a case and mirror in one! They’re pretty, and good for a quick makeup or “do I have food in my teeth” check. I ordered this one on a whim because it was so cheap, but I’m so glad I did! The mirror is super cute and the case is actually really durable (I’ve already dropped my phone multiple times, duh, and it survived). They also have other cute colors, like rose gold (my last case was this color), available on Amazon!

 TRUFF Hot Sauce: ($18)

My roommate and I did a big bulk order of condiments this month, and this was a random additional purchase. I’ve been wanting to incorporate truffle into my cooking for a while, but could never find anything that wasn’t super expensive. Being huge hot sauce lovers, we decided to give this a try, and YUMMMM. I first tried this on roasted potatoes (with sour cream too, duh) and it was soooo delicious. I was really able to taste the truffle and it wasn’t too hot that it distracted from the taste of the potatoes. This is the milder of the flavors–there is a hotter version for all you spicy peeps out there. I reaaaally love this hot sauce and will definitely be re-ordering. They also offer a 3-piece set of the other flavors: White Truffle and the “Hotter Sauce.” It’s pricey ($70) so I may wait for a special occasion, but let’s just say I’m very, very tempted!

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