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Working Model Wardrobe Essentials

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A huge part of being a working model is going on castings or “go-sees.” A go-see is essentially an audition for a fitting (to read about my job as a Fit Model, click¬†here). Even though I’m usually required to strip down within minutes of arriving at the go-see, wearing something stylish yet practical is essential (keep in mind that I’m running around the city, so comfort is also key).¬†

A great tip of the trade from my agent is to wear something similar to the clothing that the company sells. For example, if I’m going to a go-see at Levi’s, I won’t want to show up wearing a beaten up pair of jeans from Forever 21 (absolutely no shade to F21, love ya). If I’m going to a lingerie fitting, I’ll be sure to wear a nice bra, in good condition, that fits correctly. (Side Note: my friend, Caralyn Mirand, also a model and blogger, is the master of bra fit! Check out her #ProperlyFittingBraClub here.)

In the fashion world, you’ll usually be immediately judged on what you are wearing (harsh, but usually true). If your clothes are cheap-looking, old or ill-fitting, you will not come across as someone that the company would want to hire to model for them. I often find myself a little intimidated by some of the people working for these companies, especially if they are decked out in head-to-toe expensive designer clothing. BUT, you don’t need to be a millionaire (or even a thousandaire) to look great, professional, and cute. 

So, researching the company beforehand and planning an outfit (or sometimes even going out to buy something appropriate) is always part of my pre-go-see to-do list. 

Here are some wardrobe essentials that I have worn time and time again when going on castings or go-sees. These wardrobe pieces are also great for anyone who frequently finds themselves running around the city, but wanting to look stylish!

1. Jeans

I’ve never been one to spend a lot of money on jeans. I’m pretty much as clumsy as they come, so I don’t trust myself enough to own a pair of expensive jeans that I won’t rip or stain. That being said, I have been loving Zara‘s jeans lately (in fact, while doing research for this post I ended up buying a pair…lol, woops). They are the best fitting jeans that I’ve come across for my desired price point ($30-$70). Two essential pairs of jeans I have are:

2. Basics

My rule of thumb when putting together an outfit is to keep mostly everything basic and add one super-stylish item. For example, if I’m going to do colorful shoes or something flashy like a faux fur jacket, I’ll keep everything else pretty basic (jeans, black tee or tank underneath, minimal jewelry). Again, I’m clumsy and spill everything, so I prefer to buy lower-end basics and replace them when needed.

  • Zara Limitless Contour Collection Bodysuit 03 ($20) These are perfect for a tucked-in look with high-rise jeans, pair nicely with colorful pants, or under a great jacket.
  • Boohoo Basic Turtle Neck Long Sleeve Bodysuit ($8) So cheap, I got it in a bunch of neutral colors…goes great under high waisted pants in the Fall or Winter.
  • GAP Denim Puff Sleeve V-Neck Romper ($70) I love rompers and jumpsuits because they’re so comfy and it’s easier to change out of one piece of clothing rather than two. I have a sleeveless version of this romper which is my go-to when it’s super hot out.
  • Zara Pleated Palazzo Pants ($40) in Vanilla. These are my favorite pants of all time. They are styled to look over-sized here, but in a medium, these pants fit and look really nice. They’re as comfortable and cool as pajamas, yet super-stylish.

3. Comfortable Shoes

Nothing is worse than running out for a go-see in high heels, getting a last-second call for another appointment, and having to spend 4 more hours wobbling around the city blistering your feet. I’ve fallen in love with Mules and slides (especially from Zara…no surprise there), but if you’re out and about for more than a few hours, you’ll want to wear sneakers and do the old switcheroo in the lobby.

  • JustFab Rena Loafer ($48, $33 with VIP membership) in Cheetah. I’m a huge fan of JustFab shoes. They’re so cheap (especially with the VIP membership) but great quality for the price. And, since they’re inexpensive, you can buy a billion pairs without feeling guilty. 
  • Zara Knotted Striped Mules ($40) I have a pair similar to these which I usually pair with white jeans, as a statement item. I get a ton of compliments on all of my patterned Mules!
  • JustFab Keke Blocked Heel Bootie ($60, $40 with VIP membership) These go with everything and the chunky rubber heel is low enough that they are comfortable all day long!
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A great outfit that I typically wear to go-sees or fit modeling jobs.

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