Bed Sheet Buying Guide – Thread Count & More

Over the years, I’ve experimented with almost all of the bed sheet material options and thread count options in order to find my favorite. So, as the Nap Queen herself, I am here to help you out with a bed sheet thread count guide and explanation of the different materials to choose from for your best sleep ever. 

From Jade Rollers to Gua Sha: 4 Essential Skincare Tools & How to Use Them

After years of experimentation, I’ve narrowed my list of absolutely essential skincare tools down to just 4 tools. Whether you are looking for a quick refresh, long-term anti-aging solutions, or something else, there is a tool out there for you. And, the best part is that most of these tools only add a few minutes to your daily routine!

The 10 Best Press On Nails: Trends & Tips For Spring

Press on nails are SO easy to apply at home, allowing you to skip an expensive trip to the nail salon. This will save you time and money! Here are the 10 best press on nail trends for spring that will hopefully inspire you to embrace this new DIY manicure method! Plus, some tips for super easy at-home application.

DIY Home Remedies For Damaged Hair With Ingredients From Your Kitchen

You may not know it, but some of the things you are doing every single day may be damaging your hair. Luckily, there are many DIY hair repair remedies and at-home hair treatments that you can utilize to bring some life back into that damaged hair of yours, and, best of all, you can use ingredients that are probably already sitting in your pantry or refrigerator!



Water Color Press On Nails, $15

Watercolor/press on nails, $14

Bride Set – Neutral Nail Set, $20

Tones of Brown Neutral Press On nails, $20

Orange and blue negative space press on nails, $25

Clear Flowers / Press on Nails, $27

Baby Blue Cloud Sky Press On Nails, $18

Rainbow Sherbet Press on Nails, $36

Matte Pastel Press-on Nails, $21

Lilac Haze Purple Pastel Press On Nails, $33

Pastel and Gold Marble Press on Nails, $23